Our first book, The Demonization of God Unmasked, has a new title, a new look and a totally different feel.

Stay in tune for our brand new third edition coming soon:

God on Trial Book One - How God Has Been Demonized


Book of Hebrews

An overview of the Book of Hebrews. Filled with encouragement and confidence-building words, this book is a must read for the times we are now living in. We must know God so well that we can come boldly before His throne of mercy in time of need. Jesus Christ's authority on the character of God is unequalled given His credentials.





elijah-mount-carmel-600 border

The three Elijahs have one and the same message: choose God over Baal. Who is God? Who is Baal? How can we tell between them? Why have we become as confused as to mistake one for the other? As we near Jesus' second coming we must not make the mistake of exchanging the true God for the god of this world.