Part 1 of 22 video presentations on the character of God in light of the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. MoreFor downloadable audio MP3 files click Here


New Video: The Two Trees – War in Heaven


Which code of ethics or moral law are you living by, the Tree of Life, or the Tree of death? 

Read about the meaning of the two trees in the Garden. To read online for free, click on the links below:

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The Demonization of God Unmasked

The meaning of the two trees in the Garden of Eden is explored

in depth in this book. Find out the significance and vital importance

of the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

God on Trial – Have We Been Lied To? Is God a Killer?

We have heard that Lucifer’s original sin was pride. But was it really?

What does the evidence suggest? Read this book for a in-depth and

detailed investigation into the true reason for Lucifer’s rebellion.


Book of Hebrews

An overview of the Book of Hebrews. Filled with encouragement and confidence-building words, this book is a must read for the times we are now living in. We must know God so well that we can come boldly before His throne of mercy in time of need. Jesus Christ’s authority on the character of God is unequalled given His credentials.

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The three Elijahs have one and the same message: choose God over Baal. Who is God? Who is Baal? How can we tell between them? Why have we become as confused as to mistake one for the other? As we near Jesus’ second coming we must not make the mistake of exchanging the true God for the god of this world.

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