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Most human beings are born with a negative view of God. Join Denice Grant as she reads from “His Healing Love,” an inspired devotional by Dick Winn.  If you would like to see God from a positive, warm and inviting perspective, this podcast is for you.

We are super excited to introduce to you theBond! theBond is a Christian podcast for purposeful and peaceful parenting. The creators of this podcast write: “we want to understand children’s hearts, reach parents’ hearts, and see God with new eyes. We believe in a loving, empathetic God who has shown us by His example how to live a relationship based on love, trust and peace with others.” This podcast was started in Germany, in September of 2020 by five young mothers who wanted to raise their children in accordance with His nonviolent principles. Their accomplishment is phenomenal. This is the English version. For questions, please feel free to write to theBond@mail.de.


I thought God was this avenging, angry, arbitrary God…I now see God as a loving God who wants to receive us into His embrace…He desperately wants to know us and to have a relationship with us…
The picture of God given in these books would break down denominational, religious and cultural walls. It awakens in me that deep inner belief of who I always thought God was. It establishes who the true God is…
This book is so easy to read; it is so beautifully written, and it just really speaks to me. God On Trial has touched my heart, stirred my thoughts, and simply opened my mind to the truth of how the world got to be in the mess it is!


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