The 5G Series: The Good News in Five Minutes

A biblical explanation of the wrath of God. 



Who we are

Just a group of people who are passionate about God and who love the truth enough to keep searching for answers. 

Why we are

Because God has touched us with His love and has opened our eyes to a greater, better reality. 

Where you are

Are you seeking for the true God? We invite you to join the conversation our community has been having for the past 10 years.

How it starts

Our ZOOM BIBLE STUDIES are held weekly. Check our schedule and stay tuned for new classes opening soon.

The God on Trial Series

A book series exploring the onset of Satan's rebellion against God's law of unconditional love and the its relationship to the two trees in the midst of the Garden of Eden.

The Demonization of God Unmasked

A thorough analysis of the two Trees in the Garden: the Tree of Life and Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. These are the two principles in the world, and every human being is making a choice for one or the other. A must read!

Have We Been Lied To?
Is God a Killer?

The second book in the God On Trial Series. A deeper probe into the reasons for Satan’s original rebellion against God’s moral law of agape love, the law of unconditional love. A paradigm shifter and life changing book.




“The Atheist God:” who is responsible for any destruction in the world and what part God plays in it? This is a must see for any who are seeking the true God of love which Jesus revealed.



Jonathan Henderson’s  Unveiled offers a new look at a God who has been portrayed in such a way as to produce only fear. The truth, however, is that God is a loving Father who yearns to reconnect with us, His “babies.”


I thought God was this avenging, angry, arbitrary God…I now see God as a loving God who wants to receive us into His embrace…He desperately wants to know us and to have a relationship with us…
The picture of God given in these books would break down denominational, religious and cultural walls. It awakens in me that deep inner belief of who I always thought God was. It establishes who the true God is…
This book is so easy to read; it is so beautifully written, and it just really speaks to me. God On Trial has touched my heart, stirred my thoughts, and simply opened my mind to the truth of how the world got to be in the mess it is!


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