God’s pure character of love is the last message of mercy to the world. 

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The purpose of Grace Unlimited Ministries is to reveal the righteousness of God, that is, to make known to the world the most precious knowledge which leads to eternal life: God’s character of love as revealed through Jesus Christ.

And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent, John 17:3.

To this end we conduct Bible studies, hold seminars, and write books. We have never asked for donations in the past, but rather have funded all our endeavours ourselves. We feel convicted at this time to ask for help in order to be able to finish, print and publish the next few books we are working on.

Our very next project is a book that explains the meaning of the “wrath of God” and His “strange act,” and how Jesus experienced both on the cross, the cursed “Tree.” We believe this book is extremely important and a must read for our times. The world is soon to experience the “wrath of God,” and if we don’t understand what this means, we will go into complete darkness.

If you have been blessed by our previous books, The Demonization of God Unmasked and God on Trial, and if you feel convicted to help our future projects, please donate today. Your donations will be applied entirely to the creation, printing and advertising or our literature. This transaction is simple and secured by SSL.*

God bless you,

Grace Unlimited Ministries

Can’t donate dollars at this time? No worries! We need your prayers. Pray that this message will reach the corners of the earth.

A heartfelt thank you, from the team at Grace Unlimited Ministries





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